drew b harris
musician / software developer / electrical engineer

My name is Drew Harris. I'm a musician and music producer, software engineer and hobbyist hardware creator. I currently work at Bandcamp. I graduated in 2013 from University of Victoria in Canada with a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering. I completed several internships as a software developer during my degree: as a node.js developer at exfm in New York City, as a Java developer at Alcatel-Lucent in Ottawa, and two internships at University of Victoria as a Python developer in the high energy physics lab and at the Computer Help Desk.

Through employment experience, class work and my own projects, I've learned to write Ruby, node.js/JavaScript, C++, Python and Java code to perform wide-ranging tasks, from large web applications to iOS applications that provide visual accompaniment to a live musical performance.

Along with software and hardware development, I compose and produce electronic music under several monikers, including Germany Germany, radioseven and Toy Camera. I've performed in Vancouver, New York City, Paris, and Berlin, among other locations, and I've released a total of 8 albums independently.

Please contact me at drewbharris@gmail.com for any inquiries.